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New Zealand is an ideal country for traveling with a campervan. There are many campervan and motorhome parks both on the North and South island and the roads compared to other countries are generally a lot quieter although for younger drivers, if your under 25 years of age hiring a campervan in New Zealand can be difficult. Fortunately there are campervan companies out there that have full, comprehensive vehicle insurance especially for younger drivers.

Here is an example of a standard policy.
NZ$ 20 per day to reduce the excess to NZ$ 1,200 for drivers 25+ years (NZ$ 2,400 for drivers 21-24 years) The hirer will be responsible for the first NZ$1,200 (NZ$2,400 for hirers under the age of 25 years) of any costs incurred due to damage to the hired vehicle or third party property.
The hirer will be fully liable for the repair or replacement of damaged windscreens.

As you can see the excess or the amount that you would need to pay in the event of a collision is significantly more for drivers under the age of 25. However this is standard practice for rental vehicle companies throughout the world.

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